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Cybersecurity has never been simple. And because attacks evolve every day as attackers become more inventive, it is critical to properly define cybersecurity and identify what constitutes good cybersecurity.

Why is this so important? Because year over year, the worldwide spend for cyber security continues to grow. Cybersecurity demands focus and dedication.


 Innovative endpoint security solutions from vendors  Cybereason   Digital Guardian   Alert Logic   SyncDog Safeguard all your endpoints: laptops, desktops, mobile devices, servers, applications, cloud workloads, containers, storage devices. Technologies behind the solutions include signature detection, behavior analyses, IoC, threat intelligence, machine learning, etc.


  • Protect the network, web applications, all its infrastructure and all its traffic from external and internal cyberattacks. 
  • Defense against most advance and sophisticated targeted and 0day cyberattacks, based on technologies like Machine learning, Behavior Analyses, non-traditional Sandboxing, etc.
  • Protect all IT assets and resources available via the network from unauthorized access.
Hillstone Networks   Alert Logic   Clearswift


Email is a company’s main method of communication threat at the same time, because an email gateway is the front door to your IT system for cyber-attacks. The consequences of an attack range from malfunctions in the IT infrastructure and data loss to complete system failure and far-reaching damage to a company’s image. In most cases there are huge costs involved that could have been prevented. Choose our Email Security now for end-to-end protection with innovative defense mechanisms. Because your email is meant to support your business, not put it at risk.

Agari   Clearswift


  • You aren’t sure where your company’s confidential data is being stored, where it’s being sent and who is accessing it? Do you know if someone is stealing company data? – with DLP and Classification you can be sure that your data is discovered, protected from leakage or loss.
  • The purpose of the backup is to create a copy of data that can be recovered in the event of a primary data failure. Primary data failures can be the result of hardware or software failure, data corruption, or a humancaused event, such as a malicious attack (virus or malware), or accidental deletion of data.
  • Email archiving is a solution designed to store a company's emails in their original state for easy retrieval during everyday business operations. Email archives are also used to protect a company in the event of litigation and to keep it in line with industry compliance standards. 
 Digital Guardian   Boldon James   Clearswift   Titus   GoAnywhere by HelpSystems       Netwrix


Hillstone Networks solutions provide full control for cloud security management that delivers visibility, compliance and governance to any cloud environment. They run cloud-native (both public and private) microservices for asset discovery and compliance scanning to enable end-to-end automation of detection and response for complex multi-cloud environments.


  • Log management / change audit solution helps you quickly detect external and insider threats by providing detailed audit reports and notifying you about changes that may lead to security incidents.
  • SIEM solutions examines log data for patterns that could indicate a cyberattack, then correlates event information between devices to identify potentially anomalous activity and finally, issues alerts accordingly.
  • SOAR is designed to help security teams manage and respond to endless alarms at machine speeds. SOAR platforms take things a step further by combining comprehensive data gathering, case management, standardization, workflow and analytics.
Netwrix   LogSentinel   Solarwinds


Solarwinds offer complete centralized solution for monitoring and managing your IT infrastructure:
  • Network Devices – monitor and manage configurations
  • Flow – Netflow, sFlow, jFlow, etc
  • Server farm and applications – monitor and manage configurations
  • VoIP Quality of Experiences
  • IP addressing in your network
  • Tracking of the switchports
  • Database monitoring of performance
  • Virtualization monitoring and management


  • People are your greatest asset. And your greatest risk. Insider threat solutions combine visibility and analytics to help you understand how users interact with critical data and stop risky behaviors "left of loss".
  • In order to avoid risking your money and reputation, you need to create and maintain an actionable system for monitoring and controlling privileged users – most powerful insiders in your infrastructure.
  • The solutions provide you with video log data of all sessions from all endpoints of your enterprise network thus allowing you to capture all onscreen activities regardless of the type of program or service used. All application work, visited URLs, typed keystrokes, and even identifies plugged-in USB devices are recorded.
BeyonTrust   Netwrix


With end point management solution from BeyondTrust or Netwrix you can successfully and fully manage all endpoints across the network and manage all remote workers, even those that are outside of the corporate domain. Important features are:

  • Enable Zero Trust Security
  • Stop Malware, Ransomware, Phishing Attacks, & Fileless Threats
  • Meet Compliance & Cyber Insurance Requirements
  • Browser control – browser to website mapping
  • Application control
  • Mass deployment
  • Extension of group policies
  • Desktop Automation
  • Device control


  1. Achieve Risk-Based Automated Penetration testing with Helpsystem Core Impact and RidgeBot® Pentesting Robot 
  2. Security awareness trainings with Helpsystems Terranova
  3. Vulnerability management with Helpsystems
  4. Read Team software with Helpsystems Cobalt Strike